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Fuel price nightmare

So it’s official. Petrol prices have climbed to £6 per gallon at the pump, with diesel at £6.27 a gallon, costing some households more than their monthly mortgage and other essentials such as food.

What kind of country are we living in when those who most need to drive, the young graduate travelling to their first job, the one-man-van business, the haulage firm crippled by the cost of its fleet, the working parent supporting their family, can barely afford to travel anymore?

It’s a fact – soaring fuel costs are threatening jobs, businesses and homes. Fair Fuel UK, which is supported by The Fuelcard Company, is the national campaign for the Government to address soaring fuel prices and continues to cry out for the Government to scrap the scheduled fuel duty rise in April and introduce measures to protect motorists and businesses from rises in fuel prices.

Sad stories this week where fuel prices have been a contributing factor include Gloucester’s oldest haulage firm, Joseph Rice & Son, ceasing trade after 161 years, reports This is Gloucestershire.

Meanwhile Morrisons told the Guardian the cost of fuel has led to a decrease in its customers’ ‘spending power’ of £400 million in the last year.

And now, Fair Fuel UK has revealed evidence by the RAC that raising fuel duty would further damage the economic recovery. This is largely due to declining consumer spending as a result of disposable incomes being constrained by unaffordable fuel costs.

Peter Carroll, founder of FairFuelUK said via the campaign’s blog: “We all know the government has inherited a financial catastrophe, but growing a strong economic recovery is vital to the UK’s future economy. That won’t happen if consumers stop spending. Our campaign is saying to the Government that raising fuel prices at such a delicate stage is financial suicide. Low fuel prices can only help stimulate economic activity. Our web site is full of stories of those who can’t afford to get to work and companies laying off staff. In the run-up to the budget we will redouble our efforts to make sure Ministers and MPs understand what’s happening to real people and real businesses. The country will suffer needless and dangerous hardship if the April 1st duty hike goes ahead and we don’t have a fair fuel duty stabiliser.”

Now is the time for the Government to act to address this situation. Now.


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