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A day in the life of a…freight criminal

As a company working in the haulage and freight industry, we were shocked to learn this week that freight crime costs the UK economy a whopping €8.2 billion (£6.9 million) a year.

This can be anything from cab and ‘curtain slash’ thefts from parked vehicles, to more extreme robberies and hijackings. Criminal activity is often based on demand of certain goods, with offenders travelling nationwide to get to the haul they need. Between June and November 2010 alone, 762 crimes were committed.

It’s a serious problem, at a time when freight and haulage businesses are struggling to make ends meet – the last thing they want is to lose an extra £6.9 million a year due to mindless crime.

That’s why the European Regional Development Fund has launched the innovative NS FRITS (North Sea Freight Intelligent Transport Solutions) project to tackle the problem, a communications system which provides live information to commercial truck drivers and their managers as they work across the North Sea Region in the UK and Europe, helping to reduce crime, improve traffic flow and boost the economy.

The data it will provide includes traffic updates, foreign laws and route planning from a variety of sources and providers which will be available via mobile, GPRS and satellite technology. It will also provide information on crime hotspots and secure parking locations to help protect the personal security of truck drivers who often work alone.

The Fuelcard Company fully endorses this system. As our part in the FairFuelUK campaign to lower fuel duty for fleet drivers hots up, we champion anything that will protect the drivers who work so hard to keep our economy en-route (pun intended).


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