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Christmas traffic panic

It’s very nearly Christmas, and before we sign off for a week or so of over-indulgence, we thought we would have a rant about festive mania, especially on the roads.

We’ve heard person after person moan about the congested shops, consumers generally trampling over each other for that last Nintendo DS for little Jimmy, and people filling their trolleys and houses with food and drink with such gusto that you’d think we’re facing the start of another Cold War on Saturday instead of Christmas Day.

When you take this kind of full-on, compulsive behaviour and look at its equivalent on the roads, it makes for a very dangerous, very stressful recipe indeed.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the Big Freeze, which continues to maintain its icy hold over the UK. Today (Thursday) is dubbed the ‘big Christmas getaway’, one of the busiest days of the year on the roads, with an estimated 18 million motorists expected to take to the tarmac. With so many cars, treacherous routes, and people anxious to get home for Christmas, do last-minute shopping, or visit family and friends, emotions are bound to run high.

Our advice at The Fuelcard Company is for motorists to plan ahead. This includes checking road and weather conditions before setting out, ensuring they have supplies in the car such as de-icer, a spade, blankets and food and water in case of long delays, driving at a safe speed at all times, and trying to keep a level head.

After all, there are many more millions of motorists out there with the same anxiety as you.

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