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Senseless speeding

It seems that most drivers have a problem sticking to the legal maximum speed limit on motorways and are unnecessarily putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.

The speed limit for motorways – 70mph for cars, motorcycles, car-derived vans weighing up to 2 tonnes, and goods vehicles no more than 7.5 tonnes in weight – is, like the safety campaign advert says, there ‘for a reason’.

But research released this week by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line Insurance has suggested that two in five motorists admit to driving at speeds of 80mph or more on motorways. What’s worse, around 23 per cent of motorists drive at these speeds at least once a week!

This finding comes despite Brake research claiming there is a 40 per cent greater chance that a crash on a motorway will cause death or serious injury than on other types of road.

Is the risk involved just not serious enough for drivers who regularly tear around at a rate of at least 10mph over the speed limit?

Drivers, just for one moment, consider a motorway. It is a fast-paced thing, often congested, full of drivers who also do not respect speed limits, and what’s more, behemoths everywhere in the shape of HGVs that weigh a heck of a lot more than your vehicle.

We can’t believe we actually have to remind motorists of this fact, but a speeding car and an articulated truck do not mix.

So get your head round maximum speed limits fast, or risk losing it.


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