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Not so perfect recall

Another day, another car recalled for faulty parts. It seems that over the past year we have heard time and time again about this kind of problem occurring, and it’s like, what’s new?

It emerged this week that Nissan is recalling 2.14 million cars worldwide after discovering an ignition problem that could cause engines to stall, which could easily put careful drivers at risk. Among the offending models are the Micra, Cube and Tida.

Despite the majority of the faulty cars recalled being in Japan and North America, the problem also affects more than 350,000 cars in Europe, including 84,000 Nissan Micras in the UK. Nissan has said that no one has been injured because of this defect and will exchange the faulty ignition-system part free of charge.

Earlier this year we read about Toyota recalling more than 1.5 million vehicles because of a problem with the brakes and in recent months, both Honda and Mercedes Benz have also flagged up issues.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re all in favour of getting these faulty motors recalled and fixed but it does make you wonder which manufacturer will be next to announce that they have spotted a problem. Will it be the next one or the one after that produced the car you and your family are driving around in?

Come on guys…sort it out!


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