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On the up

With festive lights going up across the country, and shops beginning to pile high with cards, wrapping and decorations, there can be no doubt that Christmas is well and truly on its way. There’s no point denying it; in just ten weeks we will be hanging up our stockings and leaving out carrots for Rudolph!

However, whether you’re Ebenezer Scrooge or Father Christmas when it comes to the festive season, news this week that petrol prices are set to rise again before we even sit down to our annual Brussels sprout will undoubtedly have motorists far and wide losing their Christmas cheer.

The average price of unleaded petrol currently stands at 117.7p (already 2p more than a fortnight ago) but with international petrol prices soaring to a whopping $80 a barrel, British motorists will be facing record prices at the pump of up to 121.61p a litre.

Along with the early Christmas present that was the Government’s Comprehensive
Spending Review this week (groan!), the constant headache that is rising fuel prices looks set to get worse before it gets better. Without doubt, motorists face a tough few years ahead of them and while the Chancellor’s announcement that Britain’s infrastructure will be protected is great news, the cost of driving to individuals will reach record highs.

So, whether it’s collecting the (always too tall) Christmas tree, picking up Granny from the train station or stocking up on those last-minute essentials, the cost of travelling by car this festive season is set to be more painful than having to endure the inevitable drunken rendition of WHAM’s Last Christmas at the office Christmas party.

My advice…stay at home this Christmas, wrap up warm and wait for the New Year.


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