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A fear culture

One in five seems the lucky (or unlucky, in this case) statistic when it comes to road safety this week.

Stories of fear, concern, trepidation, and in the case of people who crash into parked cars and drive off, pure cowardice, filled the media this week.

Apparently one in five of us are fearful of motorway driving, and would actually take longer journeys on other major roads to avoid them, despite them statistically being the safest roads in the country.

We wonder if this was the same one in five revealed by another survey to be scared of speed cameras being switched off due to the speed fest that might occur.  While we understand this, the thousands of safe drivers out there are not about to eradicate years of habit by getting accelerator happy behind the wheel…

The stories this week are bound to make even the best and safest drivers a little nervous knowing that the roads are full of so many bags of nerves, on the one hand, and on the other, utter rotters who will cause damage to your vehicle and drive off leaving you with a hefty bill.

We are of course referring to the findings from Accident Exchange that revealed one in five motorists drive away without leaving their details after hitting a parked vehicle.  Courtesy of this lack of backbone, innocent motorists are left with a massive annual bill of £169 million.

All this news, ironically, came in the same week that Britain’s drivers were revealed to be the safest in Europe.

How does that work?


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