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Jumping the (winter-driving) gun

We agree that ‘always be prepared’ is a very good policy.

But when winter driving advice starts when August has only just ended, it could be pushing it a little. We think we all learned important lessons with the very cold and wintry weather of 2009 and at the beginning of 2010, surely we haven’t forgotten these in a matter of months?

As if a bell had tolled to signal the colder temperatures and darker nights we are all dreading, several sources started wittering on about winter driving just in case we needed it rubbing in that summer is pretty much over.

We were particularly interested by one quote in an Express and Star feature, which said: “With floods in Pakistan, a heat wave in Moscow and particularly aggressive hurricanes in the United States, don’t be surprised if the forthcoming British winter is a harsh one…”

Typical doom and gloom. Why can’t we just consider ourselves lucky that we won’t have to face anywhere near as bad weather conditions as these poor countries have?

In the mean time, weather the fuel prices storm by reading a bit about how fuel cards [link to] can save your fleet money?  And then perhaps we may be a little closer to the time to start preparing for the issue of winter driving.


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