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Taxed to work, taxed to park at work…


You heard us right.  The news that a number of councils across the country are looking at introducing a levy of up to £250 to park at work caused furore this week as both motoring organisations and businesses defended drivers who are already tightly stretched.

An investigation by the Daily Telegraph revealed that councils in Devon, Hampshire, York, Bournemouth, South Somerset and Wiltshire, among others, are examining plans to impose the tax as a way of generating additional revenue.

So, as if we needed any further clarification, not only are we taxed to drive to work, and actually work, but we may also have to pay out even more for the pleasure of parking at work as well.  Insult to injury springs to mind…

However, the Telegraph has reported that since its revelations, the Coalition Government is prepared to halt any such plans by councils going ahead.  This is “to make sure [motorists and businesses] are not just used as a cash cow”, in the words of one Department for Transport source.

The paper has learned that Transport Secretary Philip Hammond is planning measures to make it more difficult for local authorities to impose this levy without full and proper consultation first.

That will definitely provide some comfort to employee drivers who felt sick at the thought of having to pay yet another tax.We look forward to hearing more about how the Coalition Government plans to protect businesses, which, let’s face it, need another expense like a cash cow needs a fifth leg.


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