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Motorist misery

Drivers generally have a bad lot, don’t they? Add traffic and congestion to major roads infamous for being ‘depressing’, plus the cost of running a car these days, equals a pretty miserable situation and we sympathise.
Britain’s roads are the busiest they’ve ever been, with latest figures showing that traffic levels in 2009 were 7.9 per cent higher than in 1999. Overall motor vehicle traffic volume in Great Britain in 2009 was a whopping 313.2 BILLION vehicle miles!

Those of us who must drive for a living, from our hauliers and fleets, to the school run mums and leisure travellers, also have to face driving on roads renowned for being ‘depressing’, according to a poll by Motorcycle News, which are often roads we can’t avoid.

These routes have been deemed to be tainted by factors such as speed cameras, potholes, congestion, and just plain boredom.
The UK’s drivers and motorcyclists were asked to chose the ten worst roads in Britain, with, not surprisingly, the 119-mile Orbital route, the M25, topping the list.  You can see why it has long been dubbed the “longest car park in Britain”.
Most of us love driving, but anyone who tells you they like trudging forward inch-by-inch in heavy traffic is in all likelihood telling fibs.

Perhaps the Government should respond to a survey like this and make the lives of our hauliers, commuters, school run mums, and the general public who simply want to get away for the weekend without stress, that little bit easier, through changes to the transport network which actually benefit motorists!

For more about our national fuel duty petition for commercial vehicle drivers, visit the Fuelcard Roadshow website


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