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The fuel duty domino effect

Wouldn’t it be nice if fuel duty rises were just an issue that happened to someone else, that you could say ‘oh, isn’t that scandalous’, and then return to your daily life unaffected.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  Fuel duty rises are felt by all UK motorists, and have a domino effect on the economy and, consequently, everyone.  This is one of the issues highlighted by The Fuelcard Company as part of its national petition to get the Government to stop fuel duty rises and to support one of its most vital assets: the transport industry.

All toppling dominoes start with a gentle push. In this case, it may be the collective rise of five per cent in fuel duty planned over the next few years.  It will hurt at first, but that’s nothing compared to the more far-reaching consequences, the worst case scenario.

Basically fuel duty rises have to be factored into transportation companies’ accounts, hence, will always have an impact, potentially a very big one.

After fuel duty increases totalling 15 percent during the recession, the further tax hikes are going to hit hard.
Everyday transportation operations will be hampered, reduced, or could even stop altogether as the most struggling companies – the ones who have so far withstood the economic downturn – are forced out of business, people lose their jobs, and major transportation routes are deserted. This will then lead to steep rises in the price of every day goods as deliveries are affected and a growing scarcity of the fresh food and basic supplies that we take for granted.

This is why the call has gone out for the new Coalition Government to stop the first domino before it falls and either reduce or eliminate the planned fuel duty. If that needs The Fuelcard Company shouting loud and clear about the risks of doing nothing, then that’s what we’ll do to ensure the message hits home.


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