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A fine day for London motorists?

Our capital has been revealed as the UK’s top hotspot for motoring fines in a recent survey by insurance company esure.
British motorists pay out nearly £200 million a year, a whopping sum really for what basically constitutes the true cost of bad driving.  Sickening, when you think how much could be saved through adopting safer driving habits.

Naughty naughty Londoners were found to pay an average of £680 per person over a lifetime, versus £198 for the Scots.
Motoring offences featured in the survey include breaking parking rules and regulations, speeding, traffic light offences, and careless driving.

A definite gender divide was identified by the study, with men clocking up £344 worth of motoring fines in a lifetime – over £100 more than female motorists who receive an average of £210.

Not only did the survey reveal how much we spend on motoring fines, we are also apparently a very dishonest nation – approximately 1.3 million British people lie to friends, family or potential employers about a driving offence received.

Mike Pickard, Head of Risk and Underwriting at esure, said: “Making changes to your driving habits such as slowing down and driving more carefully will not only help make Britain’s roads safer, but also leave you better off financially.”
Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Let’s save ourselves £200 million.


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