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Keeping control of your costs

Motoring is an expensive business and hardly a day seems to go by without some new story reminding us just how much money it takes to stay on the road.  After a few months of low pump prices, petrol and diesel are now climbing back towards more familiar highs – an irritant for the casual motorist and a major drain on resources for high fuel-consuming hauliers and LGV drivers.


Meanwhile, the motoring industry is waiting to see just what effect this autumn’s fuel duty hike will have. Predictions of doom and gloom abound.


But while we wait for the next price rise, there is a lot we can do to help ourselves:


  • Driving smoothly. Heavy acceleration and braking burn fuel – and so does travelling at a higher speed than necessary.
  • Looking after your engine – regular servicing, tuning and tyre maintenance not only keeps repair costs down, it reduces fuel bills too.
  • Buying fuel early in the morning, in the evening, or when temperatures are cooler, will mean less evaporation, denser fuel and more for your money!
  • Don’t drive around looking for cheaper petrol – the extra fuel burnt getting around will eliminate any benefit. Instead plan your purchases in advance by using price comparison websites, for example.
  • Another excellent way to cut costs and maintain control of you and your employees’ fuel purchasing is to use a fuel card. Enjoy across the board price cuts and complete control of your fuel spending at all times.


Here at we offer an unparalleled range of fuel cards. Let us help you find exactly the right one for you and your fleet.


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