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Facing up the web

Gone are the days when advertising a new car model was limited to a few TV ads showing it driving in a vaguely sexy way down mountain highways. Oh, and a few billboards.

Now you have to engage with the digital generation. As the web has embedded itself ever deeper into daily life, car makers and other manufacturers have had to come up with ever more ingenious ways to promote their shiny new products.

We like the sound of Honda’s latest effort in this regard: an application for social networking site Facebook to promote its new CR-Z sporty hybrid.

The application, called ‘Mode Art’, takes information from a user’s profile pages to create a personalised piece of artwork. Images, names, dates and similar information can be added to the generated artwork, which is given a theme of Sport, Econ or Normal to reflect the different driving modes of the CR-Z.

The artwork can be altered by changing settings or altering the profile information used to generate it. Each resulting piece of art can be downloaded, posted online – for example to Honda’s official Facebook page, or even used as mobile phone wallpaper.

Clever! Cars have always been about personality and design as much as they have been about getting from A to B. We need more art in the showroom.

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