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Planting the i30

How much effect does the car you learn to drive in have on your career? Every so often we read about driving school making sweeping changes to their fleets on the grounds of driver preference and model suitability.

Just last week, we read about Bill Plant ordering 600 Hyundai i30 hatchbacks to replace its entire current fleet.

The £7 million order will be delivered over the next year. Last year the school, based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, ordered a consignment of Hyundai i20s.

To quote Jake Plant, General Manager at the school, said: “You’ve got to have the right car for the instructors and pupils. A city car is the wrong kind of vehicle for learners, it is just too small. You need a family hatch and for us the i30 is the right size.”

Many motor manufacturers fall over themselves to bag contracts with driving schools on the basis that first exposure may translate into a lifetime preference – not unlike banks competing to tempt students with special overdraft rates and other goodies.

Does this theory have any basis in reality? You tell us!

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