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Idle hands

Good thing it was Car Crime Awareness Week this week; The Fuelcard Company discovered a fifth of commercial drivers leave the engine running while making deliveries, with the keys in the ignition.

It’s ‘safe’ to say that we were flabbergasted by these statistics. Talk about inviting trouble.

In a poll of 2,000 commercial drivers, a worrying number leave themselves open to vehicle crime on a regular basis.

The Fuelcard Company used Car Crime Awareness Week as an opportunity to warn delivery drivers to take car crime seriously and be vigilant.  Car crime can be especially damaging to fleets, we pointed out, as the truth is that vehicle theft is costing the industry dearly at a time when managers should be more conscious of security to cut costs.

Jakes de Kock, Marketing Director at the Fuelcard Company, said: “Far too many drivers are leaving their vehicles unattended when making deliveries which acts as an open invitation for opportunistic criminals. No matter how short the stop is, drivers should always switch off their engine, take the keys out of the ignition and lock their vehicle behind them as a precaution. It only takes a moment and is a much lower price to pay than having to replace a stolen vehicle.”

“Commercial drivers are more likely to have valuable items such as satellite navigation systems and mobile phones in their cabs so it is even more important to be vigilant about locking doors and where possible, anything of value should be removed from the vehicle altogether when the driver is not in the cab,” added Jakes.

Sensible common-sense advice.  Why not make it a car crime awareness year?


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