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Showing some front is surprised to hear around one in five drivers knowingly commit ‘fronting’, a type of motor insurance fraud.

While 70 per cent of respondents claim they don’t understand what ‘fronting’ means – it means to declare someone other than the main driver of a vehicle the policy holder – the research, by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) and Aviva reveals that 20 per cent of people admit to misleading their insurer in this way.  What a liberty!

The research also highlighted 35 per cent of drivers consider fronting to be a loophole in the law, and one in ten think fronting is actually a legitimate way of getting cheaper car insurance.  If only!

But even the well-intentioned parent who tries to save a bit of cash by putting their name down as the main driver of their child’s car is in for a nasty surprise.

False information will render a fronted insurance policy invalid, ultimately costing the ‘fronter’ much more money than they tried to save in the first place.

Ignorance is no excuse. Your insurer won’t say “oh, you weren’t to know!” and honour the pay-out. You’ll end up with a slapped wrist and an insurance policy that’s as much good as a wet fish. We join the MIB in calling for drivers to do more to ensure they are adequately insured.  For more information, visit the hints and advice section of


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