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Driving into the future

We like stories like the Vauxhall’s new 2020 design challenge. They remind us that the future is coming right at us – at speed. With no brake.

No matter how cosily familiar things may seem, no industry can afford to stop thinking about the future. Evolution tells us that adaption and flexibility are key to survival – and that applies to business as much as it does to life.

Opel/ Vauxhall has tasked a group of students from Coventry University with creating visionary interior design concepts for future cars.

The students have been asked to look at interior design possibilities for Vauxhall vehicles in the year 2020. Each will attempt to create profiles of likely future customers and technical possibilities, bringing “alive this vision in a way that recognises how ‘Generation Y’ customers will be using cars ten years from now.”

2020. It seems a long way off but it will be here before any of us know it.

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