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Give 4x4s a break!

So long the 4×4 has been subject to taunts labelling it uneconomical, ‘gas guzzling’ and an enemy of the environment, but there has been good news for the brawny 4×4 and its owner in recent weeks.

Countless drivers, businesses and fuel card holders with 4x4s have reported on their vehicles’ reliability in driving in snow and ice, particularly in remote areas where the all-wheel-drive is often essential. 

During one of the snowiest and iciest periods in 30 years, 4x4s have come to the rescue in various ways: transporting hospital staff and police, going to the aid of stranded motorists and elderly people, and even delivering ‘meals on wheels’!

While we cannot deny that 4x4s tend to have a much greater impact in terms of fuel consumption, the environment, not to mention their sheer size, it’s worth thinking about the benefits they bring to those who really need them.  And before you rush out and buy one, a survey by Warranty Direct has revealed the Honda CR-V is the most reliable used 4×4 in terms of breakdowns, average repair costs and time spent in the garage.

Meanwhile, further applause for the 4×4 has sounded in the shape of research from price guide – they seem to be the popular choice among foreign buyers who are attracted to their low prices (they sometimes cost half as much as they would in their home countries).

How refreshing – looking at 4x4s in a positive light!


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Apr 4, 2011
11:42 pm

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