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Cutting corners on car maintenance

We could not help but be concerned by the recently published Glass’s Guide survey which revealed just how many motorists are cutting corners on car safety.

Almost half of all motorists and fuel card users have postponed vehicle-related spending over the last year, according to the findings.

Prompted by the recession, as many as 15 per cent of the respondents admitted to delaying routine professional car maintenance and bodywork repairs, while eight per cent have even postponed buying replacement tyres.

Worrying news – the drivers who have skimped on maintenance may be in the lane next to yours the next time you leave the house, or just across the junction and coming your way.

Driving has rarely been more expensive – with sky high fuel taxes being just one of the pressures facing the modern motorist and fuel card users in the midst of one of the UK’s worst recessions for decades.

It is quite natural when you’re strapped for cash to look for cutbacks and savings. But that shouldn’t mean throwing common sense out the passenger-side window and postponing maintenance measures that could literally be a matter of life and death.


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