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Potholes blight British pavements

The sorry condition of UK roads is a topic that often fills the pages of this blog. Just last month we raged alongside the Local Government Association after it announced this winter could leave thousands of miles of our roads at crisis point.

And it isn’t just Business Fuel Cards either – a recent poll by Be Wiser Insurance found 57 percent of British motorists put potholes at the top of the list when asked what they dislike about UK roads.

Well now it isn’t just the roads we have to worry about. According to the AA’s streetwatchers (volunteers who walk their local streets and report back the condition of the roads), pavements and footways are where the real danger now lies.

This year the streetwatchers found an average of 10 holes and crevices on our pathways, compared with 7.6 last year. These holes pose a real danger, particularly to more vulnerable pedestrians such as the elderly.

But it isn’t just potholes – the streetwatchers found an increasing number of manhole covers being poorly replaced adding another significant hazard. I mean, that’s just sheer incompetence!

The good news is Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, has announced an additional £215 million to tackle potholes. Unfortunately, the AA also found that where repairs were carried out, the quality was poor.

So, thanks for the consideration Mr Mcloughlin, but on behalf of all the pedestrians, city ramblers, suburban hikers and metropolitan backpackers, if you’re going to do the job, please do it right!


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