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Parking regulations gone mad!

Bad parking is a nightmare. It’s embarrassing, it’s inconvenient, it’s annoying to see and overall, something that should absolutely be stopped at all costs…or so Gwynned Council in North Wales seems to believe.

Its new regulation imposes fines on anyone parking further than 50cm from the curb and is regulated TO. THE. CENTIMETRE.

Are there not already regulations against people parking in the middle of the street? At half a metre from the curb we would argue it’s less of a parking job and more of a ‘controlled stop’. With the traffic wardens being given measuring tapes to check bad parking, we urge Gwynned drivers to bring their own ‘just to be sure’ in case of disputes. It would definitely be worth it in the face of a £70 fine to find that actually you are 49 centimetres from the curb.

Perhaps instead of a fine, the Council can just hose down curbsides to give these drivers a nice puddle to step in on their long journey to the pavement? There’s poetic justice for you.


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