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Fuel prices no longer affordable

Between April and June, us Brits bought nearly half a billion litres of fuel less than we did in the same period last year. That’s a fall of a massive 10 percent.

It’s clear people simply cannot afford the scandalously high prices any more and fuel duty is the main problem. Did you know we pay over 58 percent in tax on every fuel purchase? Take a standard car filling up 60 litres at today’s price of £1.39 for unleaded petrol – that will cost £34.77 in fuel duty and then another £13.99 in VAT. So an £85 trip to the pumps puts £50 directly into the pocket of the Treasury.

Talking with our feet seems like a good move – let them know we won’t stand for it anymore. But the sad truth is people aren’t protesting; they’re struggling.

And do you know what else? Those people who are forced to slash their fuel spend will be having to cut costs in other areas too. This is not how you get out of a recession. We recognise, and call for the Government to do the same, that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it can become a growth stimulus. Instead it’s treated as a Treasury cash cow.

The loss in sales is estimated to have cost the Government £1.3 billion in lost fuel duty. And another sad truth is you know the treasury is going to try and recuperate that in other areas. There are already plans to put fuel duty up by 3p in January.

Together with our partners at FairFuelUK, we successfully deferred the proposed fuel duty increase from August, but now January is looming and we cannot afford to let the Government press ahead with a measure we know will hit unduly hard the families and businesses who are already struggling to fill up.

Once again we urge the Government to address this unjustifiable level of fuel duty and then perhaps we can start to rebuild our economy with a nation which is no longer afraid to spend.


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