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Bad drivers funding new speed cameras

So you thought the days of speed cameras were coming to an end? Think again! New, sophisticated digital devices are being brought in and, get this, are being paid for by motorists who attend speed awareness courses!

Ageing film cameras will be replaced by the new models which never run out of film and can take pictures indefinitely. Plus, the information from the camera is automatically sent to a control centre which sends out a notice of intended prosecution.

More than half of the safety partnerships are installing the new cameras and four of them have said they expect the number of prosecutions to increase.

Now, we all know speed cameras have a real benefit and can save lives, so let’s avoid the clichéd call to arms of “bring down the cameras!”

But didn’t the Government promise to end the “war on motorists”? Not only is the motorist’s arch nemesis making a comeback, but speeding fines have been pushed up from £60 to £90, a rise of 50 percent. Can we be sure this isn’t all just a money making exercise?

Granted, the return of the cameras is more a choice of local authorities than central Government, yet constricted budgets mean they’re the ones even more concerned with money than previously.

But you can’t not enjoy the irony – the more drivers caught speeding and opting for speed awareness courses, the more cameras to catch the speeders and with greater efficiency too!

I guess we’re only complaining if we’re speeding.


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